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Travel Coffee beans and Spices

"Guesthouse U-en"

Guesthouse U-En is a fully renovated traditional Japanese wooden town house which is located in Fukushima(Osaka). It's just one station away from Osaka Station and Umeda Station.

The building is located in a back alley, and there are a lot of old traditional Japanese style houses. 

There're our guest house on the second floor ,

and  Akutagawa coffee ( Cafe ), Spice curry Tairiku ( Curry restaurant ) on the first floor in the building. 

Our friendly staff greets you at the cafe.

People from all over the world gather at U-en, you can experience many different cultures and languages, and it’ll be an exciting experience.

We hope you have a great stay.

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"Guesthouse U-en"

It's a tourist accommodation which has fully renovated a traditional Japanese wooden town house. It used to be a Japanese-style restaurant (Ryotei). It's just one station away from Osaka Station and Umeda.

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"Akutagawa Coffee"

"Akutagawa Roastery"

We also have a cafe where we roast our own coffee , so you can enjoy coffee in the morning before your trip or in the evening when you return. We also offer cakes that go well with coffee, such as cheesecake.

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SPICE curry

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"Spice Curry TAIRIKU"

There is a spice curry restaurant on the first floor in the building. The store owner traveled around the world, after that he created the recipe of our authentic spice curry. Please try it!! You can enjoy the good smell of spices and you can feel like you traveled around the world.

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ABOut us

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Yuen opened in Tamazukuri, Osaka in 2007.

It moved to Fukushima, Osaka in 2013, and is now celebrating its 17th year since opening.

Based on Uen Co., Ltd.,

We operate a guesthouse, restaurant, and rental studio in Osaka and Nara .

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About our roots

Our building was built as a sake brewery in 1910, but it began to be used as a Japanese-style restaurant (ryotei) from the 1955s. The over 110-year-old traditional wooden townhouse was reborn as a guest house. It's rare that it has still remained the atmosphere it was built in Osaka city.

Guest house U-en is conveniently situated for tourists, it's only 15 minutes walk away from Osaka Station (Umeda) , and only 4 minutes walk away from Fukushima Station on the JR Loop Line.​

There is a lounge on the second floor, and after closing guests can use the cafe on the first floor as a lounge.

You can talk, cook and eat dinner with other guests, or enjoy spending time alone in the lounge.

All sorts of people stay here in U-en, regardless of age, sex, nationality. 

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Have A Coffee

Akutagawa coffee offers drip coffee, espresso and espresso drinks, such as cappuccino, cafe latte and many more. We roast every bean we use.

We hope our coffee makes guests feel relaxed.

In addition to blend coffee, you are able to see limited edition coffee in a menu.

Also we offer cheese cake and chocolate cake.

It is a small cafe, but we are open to all people,

not only our guests but also local people.

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Have A Spice

The owner traveled around the world,

after that he created the recipe of our authentic spice curry.

This plate makes you feel like you’re traveling around the world.

"TAIRIKU Curry" is the supreme curry.

It smells amazing, and you can enjoy the best combination of spices in it. 

​ The curry must be spicy

​ Owner Achako

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