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Let's Work Together

●Cafe hall and kitchen staff

The first to welcome guests are the cafe staff. Akutagawa Coffee (Spice Curry Tairiku) serves home-roasted coffee and spiced curry. Many staff members, including dining and kitchen staff, work happily. Akutagawa Coffee also has a second store at The Pax Hostel in Shinsekai.

● Reception staff

Applications are currently closed.

The face of the inn that welcomes guests . They handle a wide range of tasks related to the guesthouse's accommodation.
The duties are diverse, including accepting reservations and answering the phone, as well as cleaning, tourist information, and travel consultations.

Of course, we have a group of people who love to travel! We'd love to hear about your travels!

●House cleaning

We are staff members who do the cleaning in the building. Cleaning is a very important job in a guesthouse where many travelers come and go every day. We are irregularly recruiting freelance accommodation staff. This is perfect for those who want to work and live in the exotic living environment of an Osaka guesthouse.


● Night staff on duty

These are the staff who look after the guesthouse at night! They deal with guests who are late in checking in due to flight delays, and deal with late-night problems. They sleep in the building. They also spend time chatting with guests until late at night. We are also recruiting free accommodation staff on an irregular basis.


People who want to work with us

If you are interested in working at Guesthouse U-en, Akutagawa Coffee, or Spice Curry Tairiku,

Please check the staff recruitment (job openings) page.

You can also view job information for our sister hotels, The Pax Hostel, The Blend Inn and Untei stone oven pizza restaurant.

For any questions, please contact us at the following number: *Please refrain from making inquiries regarding employment by phone.

Person in charge: Tokunaga

Our Recruit

This is a list of job information common to all stores operated by U-en Group Co., Ltd.
Please check the recruitment status of each store in the table below and apply using the application form.

⇨[Application Form]


<Each store homepage & SNS>

*Please click on the store name

[Fukushima, Osaka City] Guest House U-en
− Akutagawa coffee (Attached to the store above)
− Spice Curry TAIRIKU Shin Fukushima store(Attached to the store above)

[Naniwa, Osaka City] The PAX Hostel/My Banh Mi

[Konohana, Osaka City] BLEND STUDIO

[Ikoma, Nara Prefecture] Stone oven pizza shop Untei in Mt. Ikoma

There are a variety of jobs available at each store, each with its own unique character.

I would be happy if we could enjoy working together in an atmosphere and environment that suits you.


If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please contact the email address below.

In that case, please write "About staff recruitment" in the subject line.
Please note that we do not accept inquiries over the phone.

Guest House U-enen/Akutagawa Coffee/Spice Curry TAIRIKU Shin-Fukushima Branch

→ To "Recruitment Section"

The PAX Hostel/My Banh Mi

→ To "Recruitment Section"


→ To "Recruitment Section"

Stone oven pizza shop Kumo-tei in Mt. Ikoma

→ To "Recruitment Section"


Job type (click for details)

​Work style


Start time

part-time job

same day

part-time job

same day

​free accommodation

From 3/ 2024

free accommodation

From 2/2025

part-time job

same day

​free accommodation

From 3/2024

part-time job

From 3/2024


free accommodation

not decided

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