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Rooms & Facilities

”Guest House U-en” was built as a sake brewery in 1910, but it began to be used as a Japanese-style restaurant (ryotei) from the 1955s. The over 110-year-old traditional wooden townhouse was reborn as a guest house. It's rare that it has still remained the atmosphere it was built in Osaka city.

Meeting people is the best part of traveling, but sometimes people need the place where you can truly relax, and we offer such a place.

We offer private rooms where can accommodate 1- 4 people and shared rooms.
We have shared restrooms and shower rooms.

In addition our building is very old, and it isn't soundproof at all, so you can hear everything. Please kindly understand this matter.

You can check the accommodation fee and the vacancy.

Credit cards are required for advance payments. 
If you want to pay at the hostel, please contact us by email.

​Room introduction DORMS & ROOMS

Mixed dormitory (MIX)  

MIX dormitory room price 3000 yen~

  • This is a mixed dormitory with a capacity of 12 people.

  • Mixed dormitory with Western-style cabin beds (capsule type)

  • It has a long, vertical structure at the back, and half of the beds are walls, so you can maintain your privacy.

  • There are a lot of women using it, so it's safe for women too. It is also recommended for couples who want to stay cheaply.

  • Each bed is equipped with a security locker with a key.

  • Bedside lamps, power outlets, mirrors, and shelves are also provided for each bed.

  • Each bed has a curtain.


Female-only dormitory (FA/FB)

Female dormitories Price 2500 yen ~

  • Female dormitory

  • Loft bed in Japanese style room (2 rooms) with capacity for 4 people

  • You can maintain your privacy.

  • Each bed has a security locker with a key

  • Each bed is equipped with a bedside lamp, power supply, mirror, and shelf.

  • Each bed has a curtain

Aoi (W) Single Room

[1 person]

Private room price: 6,000 yen~

  • Private Single room (1 people)

  • ​This room can accommodate 1 people in a private room.

  • It is Japanese style with tatami mats.

  • 1 set of Japanese style futon

  • It is about 3.5 tatami mat size, so it's cozy room.

  • This room is great for singles.

  • Shower rooms, toilets, and washbowls are shared with other guests.


Tsubaki (TA) Twin

【2 persons】

Private room price 7000 yen~

  • ​This room can accommodate 1-2 people in a private room.

  • It is Japanese style with tatami mats.

  • 2 sets of Japanese style futon

  • It is bout 5 tatami mat size, so it's cozy room.

Kaede Middle Twin Room (QA)

[3 people]

Private room price: 6,000 yen~

  • ​Private room for 3 people.

  • Japanese-style room with bunk beds

  • Accommodates up to 3 people by adding a futon set

  • Perfect for groups or couples.


Momo (TB) Cabin Small Twin

【2 persons】

Private twin room Price 7000 yen ~

  • ​This room can accommodate 1-2 people in a private room.

  • It is Japanese style with tatami mats.

  • 2 sets of Japanese style futon

  • It is bout 5 tatami mat size, so it's cozy room.

 Large Twin room(1-3 people)

Private room price: 8,000 yen~

  • ​This is a private room for 1 to 4 people.

  • Room type with loft bunk bed in Japanese-style room

  • Up to 4 people can stay with the addition of a futon set

  • Perfect for families and groups.


​Introduction of Facilities



  • Restrooms and showers are not provided in the room and are shared with other guests.

  • All rooms are on the 2nd floor but there is no elevator on site.

  • Since the walls and fittings are made of wood, there is no soundproofing performance.

  • All rooms and living rooms are air-conditioned.

lounge room

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The lounge room is available from 10am to 10pm. After 10pm, the cafe space on the first floor is open to guests.


The kitchen in the lounge is equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils so you can prepare your own meals. There is also a paid laundry service (washing machine and dryer).


In the lounge room, you can communicate with people of all ages and nationalities.Relax, talk, eat...​Please use it like your living room at home.


We have flyers and shop cards for sightseeing spots in Osaka and guesthouses in Japan.

​Shower & Toilet

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Shared shower, toilet and sink

washing stand_4.jpg

There are three washbasins available 24 hours a day.


The shared showers are private and available 24 hours a day.

shower room_4.jpg

Free amenities (body soap and rinse-in shampoo) are provided.

men's restroom.jpg

Men's toilet.


​Western style toilet.


Check in Time

​15:00 ~ 22:00

  • Check in procedure is available from 10 am, but you can only enter your room after 3 pm.

  • Guests can get in and out at any time after checking in.

  • All guests are required to present ID upon checking in.


Check out Time

Early morning ~ 11:00

  • Early check out is possible, but please do it quietly.​

  • Guest can continue to use our facilities on the day of check out.

  • Check out procedure is only returning your room key when you check out. No signature is required.​


Reception / Luggage Storage

・Reception Desk Hours


※Due to COVID-19, the staff works at Akutagawa coffee on the first floor will handle it.

・You can store your stuff with us after checking out or before check in.

※Except check in check out dates, it costs 300 yen to store your stuff with us.



・There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the building. We have a designated smoking area outside.

・Keep calm and stay quiet after 10 pm.

・Small children are allowed to stay at this hostel. We charge 1000 yen for each additional person over 3 years old as facility charges. If you want to stay with small children, please contact us by email.

​・Showers and toilets are shared amongst our guests.


Shower & toilet

●Shower room available 24 hours

●Shampoo/conditioner/body soap available

●Dryer available 24 hours a day

(Only available in the shower room from 10pm to 8pm)

​●Rental towel 100 yen

​●No toothbrush or shaving

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Rental towel logo.png

shared lounge

●Shared lounge available 24 hours

●Kitchen lounge usage hours 8:00-22:00

(1st floor cafe lounge available from 10pm to 8pm)

​●Washing and drying machine 100 yen per use, detergent included

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Other equipment

●Lockers available for each bed in the dormitory

●Earplug hanger in each bed room

​●Rental bicycle 500 yen per day

​ *Available from 10:00 to 22:00

●Luggage storage free of charge on check-in and check-out days

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