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Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law (accommodation reservation)

Site name

Guest House Yuen

Sales company

Yuen Co., Ltd.


2-9-23 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Osaka 553-0003

Chief operations officer

​Saki Hamamoto



Service provision period

The service will be provided on the date of your reserved stay.

hotel fee

Please check the reservation page of the reservation site for details as the dates of stay and each plan may vary.

Necessary fees other than accommodation fee

There are no fees other than the accommodation fee.

Payment method Payment period

Advance payment by credit card: Payment by credit card upon completion of reservation

On-site payment: Cash or credit card payment at the front desk

Refunds/cancellation fees/reservation changes

Cancellation fees may apply based on our cancellation policy.

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